Sierra Computing

Since founding Sierra Computing in 1982, I have always endeavored to provide premium technology services to all my clients. I pride myself on my ability to adapt to my clients' business culture and to discern my clients' needs. Careful observation and intuitive questions give me a thorough picture of a client’s vision. I am able to size up the technical dynamic in a business and see a solution very quickly.

Combining technical intuition with vision allows me to create solutions that bring the best available technologies to bear on my clients’ needs. In addition, my depth of experience in a wide variety of application domains allows me to plan and execute projects with crispness and certainty of direction.

Technologies come and go, and whether the technological landscape drives your need, or you have a particular opportunity that can be leveraged by extant technology, we can be of assistance. Due to my longstanding presence in the technical community in Colorado, I can usually successfully build teams from the pool of talented associates and friends to meet my clients' needs.

Vision + Experience = Execution

"The debate about engineering being diminished somehow by the availability of new methods or mediums of implementation seems strange to me. Newer mediums of implementation merely allow us to solve more complex problems. Lamenting the passing of a technology for sentimental reasons, while romantically appealing, should be left for brief moments of nostalgia. I am glad that my skills in Fortran are obsolete, as are my skills in Algol 60, as are my skills in MS-DOS, as are .... I will happily learn anew. The medium of implementation is just a tool in which we can reflect our will to solve difficult problems."
From an article by George K. Watson, Founder, Sierra Computing

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